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1. Social media platform X announces the launch of Premium+ plan

Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) has announced the launch of its Premium+ plan, which includes access to a full suite of creator tools. In addition, X is also launching a new basic plan for $3 per month, which includes the most essential premium features.

Comment: This is a strategic move by X to attract more creators and users. By offering more premium features and tools, X can increase user engagement and loyalty, while also generating additional revenue streams.

2. Google commits to investing $2 billion in AI startup Anthropic

Google has committed to investing $2 billion in AI startup Anthropic. The company has already invested $500 million in initial funding, and has agreed to provide additional funding in the future.

Comment: This investment gives Google access to Anthropic's advanced technology and talent, while also strengthening its reputation and influence in the area of AI ethics and safety.

3. US, G7 to unveil new actions to regulate AI

According to a draft obtained by the media, US President Biden will sign an executive order on October 30 requiring AI tools to undergo safety testing before being used by federal agencies.

Separately, according to foreign media reports, G7 will reach consensus on October 30 on a code of conduct for large companies developing advanced AI systems. This will be a voluntary ethical framework.

Comment: By developing an executive order and code of conduct, the US and G7 hope to create an environment that is conducive to AI innovation and cooperation, while also protecting the public interest.

4. Dutch quantum physicists prove for the first time: it is possible to control and manipulate spin waves on chips using superconductors

Quantum physicists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have proven for the first time that it is possible to control and manipulate spin waves on chips using superconductors. These tiny waves in magnets could one day provide a replacement for electronics.

Comment: This discovery suggests that superconducting electrodes could be used to build a myriad of new energy-efficient spin wave circuits, and that circuits based on spin waves and superconductors would produce virtually no heat or sound, making them suitable as circuits for connecting devices inside mobile phones and quantum computers.

5. OpenAI updates: users can now upload any document for analysis, and multiple tools can be integrated

Some OpenAI users have received an official update that allows them to upload any type of document for analysis; in a single dialogue, they can autonomously choose to call upon multiple different tools to complete the user's input instructions, without having to manually switch.

Comment: This is a product update that OpenAI has made to improve the user experience and meet user needs. It can improve user efficiency and convenience.

6. Ming-Chi Kuo: Meta has cut Quest 3 Q4 shipments by about 5%-10%

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's latest research shows that Meta has cut fourth-quarter 2023 shipments of its virtual reality headset Quest 3 by about 5%-10%. Due to lower-than-expected market demand, shipments in the first quarter of 2024 are expected to decline by about 70%-80% year-on-year.

Comment: This is an adjustment that Meta has made in the face of sluggish virtual reality market demand and fierce competition. By reducing Quest 3 shipments, Meta can avoid excessive inventory and losses, while also reassessing its market strategy and product optimization.

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