NBD AI Bulletin - Unisplendour Corporation Limited (SZ 000938, close price: 18.95 yuan) announced on August 12 that the balance of the external guarantee offered by the company and its subsidiaries stood at about 3.425 billion yuan and about US$603 million, accounting for 24.95% of the equity rights attributable to owners of the parent company.

For 2021, the operating income of Unisplendour Corporation Limited entirely came from the information technology industry.

Unisplendour Corporation Limited's chairman is Yu Yingtao, male, 57 years old, with a PhD degree. Unisplendour Corporation Limited's president is Wang Hongtao, male, with a master's degree.

As at the press time, the market value of Unisplendour Corporation Limited was 54.2 billion yuan.

(By Lan Suying)

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