Photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

A platform backed by blockchain technology to track donations has been launched Monday by several Chinese enterprises.

Initiated by the China Xiong'an Group and high-tech company Hyperchain, the platform enables all links of the philanthropy from seeking, matching and delivering of donations to logistics tracking and final confirmation.

It adopts a multi-dimensional system of information transparency, making public logistics orders, live shots of the donations and other details.

The Hangzhou Internet Notary Office provides corresponding notary services for the platform to prevent fraudulent donations and other dishonest acts.

"Once information concerning a certain donation is published, it can't be changed or deleted, which greatly increases the cost of counterfeiting," said Xie Yijun, technical director of the platform.

On Monday, data of more than 500 items of donation information were uplinked on the platform.



Editor: Lan Suying