A singing contest of Chinese songs for overseas Chinese was held Saturday in Houston, the fourth largest city of the United States.

The contest is part of the "Water Cube Cup" Chinese Songs Singing Competition, a global activity designed to introducing Chinese culture and telling Chinese stories to the world.

A total of 17 participants joined the singing contest in adult and youth groups. Three winners of the contest will participate in the final of "Water Cube Cup" Chinese Songs Singing Competition scheduled in August in Beijing.

Ge Yunchang, the first-prize winner of youth group and a high school student, told Xinhua that she was able to meet friends and experience Chinese culture during the contest.

"China has a very long history. My parents always told me we can't forget Chinese language and Chinese culture because we are overseas Chinese," she said.

Lv Simeng, the second-prize winner in youth group, was happy to have the chance to go to Beijing. "It was a big challenge for me to sing Chinese songs on stage as I've never done it before. But my Chinese language ability has been improved during the process," she said.

The "Water Cube Cup" Chinese Songs Singing Competition is sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, the Beijing municipal government and the All-China Youth Federation. It is aimed at strengthening the link between China and the world through the Chinese culture.


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