Yulin, a street in Southwest China's Chengdu renowned for its vibrant music scene, has once again set the stage for the 2024 Yulin Road Folk Music Season, which officially kicked off on the evening of June 19th. The music season, which is a testament to the city's thriving music industry, was launched amidst the soulful melodies of "Drifting Across the Sea to See You," symbolizing the fusion of music with everyday life in Chengdu.

The event is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Sichuan Music Industry Association's Folk Music Committee, industry representatives, renowned musicians, singers, and the Yulin community, with the Wuhou Development Group as the main organizer and Wuhou Cultural and Creative Company as the executor.

The music season has already garnered significant interest, with over 20,000 people signing up online to participate in the "I Sing Folk Songs in Yulin" segment. More than 100 music enthusiasts have submitted their original works, anticipating the opportunity to perform on the music season's stages. The music season's director, Luo Bingwen, expects the number of musicians to exceed 1,000 and to attract over a million visitors to Yulin East Road.

The music season's impact is expected to be far-reaching, with an estimated online viewership and attention of over 120 million people, potentially boosting regional tourism by 7 million visitors. The music season will also feature exchanges and performances with musicians from Chongqing, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Lijiang, and 28 music groups from 19 international sister cities of Chengdu across five continents.

In Yulin, music is not confined to stages but is an integral part of daily life. The music season is to create a boundary-less, open-air music event that brings the joy of folk music to the community.

The music season also includes the "I Sing Folk Songs in Yulin - Folk Music Partner Support Plan," which aims to discover and support talented musicians by providing performance platforms and opportunities, as well as the chance for copyright monetization.

The 2024 Yulin Road Folk Music Season's annual album, titled "Folk Songs in the Light," will feature eight original songs, reflecting the spirit of ordinary people as they contribute to the city's future and their passions. The album is set to be released on over 130 global music and streaming platforms, reaching an audience of 600 million Android users worldwide.

In addition, the "Music 365" event, running concurrently with the music season, will integrate resources from music institutions, education, and sales to ensure music is an integral part of daily life, offering a diverse range of performances for the public to enjoy.

The 2024 Yulin Road Folk Music Season is not just about celebrating music; it's about honoring the "ordinary's radiant spirit," as described by the music season's organizers, and showcasing the city's commitment to fostering a rich cultural environment.

Note: photo/provided to NBD

Editor: Gao Han