Chengdu awakes in the spring breeze, with fragrant flowers in blossom. Green leaves dangle with the winds, looking like a gorgeous garment. The leaves whisper as the breeze blows, creating a Spring symphony. 

The sight of spring is like a dopamine-blind box, full of surprises. You can take a stroll on top of the roof, cycle around the Tianfu Greenway, go for a walk in the rain of paulownia flowers, enjoy hotpot at cole flower fields, freestyle with friends like nobody is watching, uncover tales of Fu Qin Street through wisteria whisper, take a sunbath in the park, meet castle of orange jasmine, DIY a cup of spring tea... These are how Chengduers usually do in Spring.

The International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu makes this spring special. There are elegant oriental gardens, diversified themed gardens and international gardens. Let's explore Chengdu together by unlocking more beautiful gardens, witnessing miracles of this spring.

Editor: Alexander