1. Apple to upgrade microphones in iPhone 16, making it the company's first AI phone

On December 7, 2023, renowned Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted that Apple is expected to introduce AI-powered features in the iPhone 16. Kuo also pointed out that Apple reorganized its Siri team in the third quarter of 2023 to integrate AIGC and large language models (LLMs).

Commentary: If the iPhone 16 is able to achieve AI-powered features, it will provide users with more intelligent and personalized services, and also enhance Apple's competitiveness in the smartphone market.

2. BlackRock to launch first AI tool for clients in January

Global asset management firm BlackRock announced on December 6 that it plans to launch its first AI tool for clients in January 2024. According to a company memo, BlackRock has used AI technology to build an AI assistant for its Aladdin and eFront risk management systems. The assistant can help clients extract the information they need from the systems.

Commentary: BlackRock's AI tool is a trial of AIGC technology, aimed at providing its clients with more efficient and convenient asset management services. The move also reflects BlackRock's recognition of the potential of AIGC technology, as well as its innovative spirit in the financial industry.

3. Tesla's Dojo supercomputer project changes manager

According to a report by a foreign media, Ganesh Venkataramanan, the project manager of Tesla's Dojo supercomputer, has left the company in November. Venkataramanan has been leading the Dojo project for the past five years. Before joining Tesla, he was a long-time engineering director at AMD for nearly 15 years. The project is now led by Peter Bannon, who has been a senior executive at Tesla for nearly eight years and previously worked at Apple for over seven years.

Commentary: This is an unfavorable news for Tesla, as the Dojo project is the core support of Tesla's autonomous driving technology, aiming to improve the efficiency of data processing and neural network training. The departure of the project manager may lead to delays or quality degradation in the project.

4. SK Hynix to establish new department for AI chip business

Global second-largest memory chipmaker SK Hynix announced on Thursday that it will establish a new department called AI Infra to handle artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor-related businesses. The move is part of the company's strategy to focus more on high-demand, high-end chips. SK Hynix said the new department, which was recently established during the company's annual executive reshuffle, will integrate the company's scattered high-bandwidth memory (HBM) capabilities and functions. The department will also lead the development of next-generation HBM chips and other AI technologies, and seek and develop new markets.

Commentary: SK Hynix's AI Infra department is a reorganization of the company's AI chip business, aimed at enhancing its competitiveness in the high-end chip market, such as HBM chips. The establishment of the department also shows SK Hynix's focus on and investment in AI technology, as well as its innovative ability in the semiconductor industry.

5. Director who voted to fire Altman speaks out: OpenAI shake-up not about AI safety

Helen Toner, who has left the OpenAI board of directors, spoke out on Thursday. She said the board's decision to fire Altman was not about AI safety, but rather a "lack of trust." She further explained: "We fired Altman in order to strengthen OpenAI and make him more capable of fulfilling its mission." In addition, Toner did not respond to questions about her relationship with Altman in her latest interview, only emphasizing that all of her actions were well-intentioned.

Commentary: This is positive news for OpenAI, as it helps to dispel external doubts and distrust of OpenAI, as well as concerns about AI safety.

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