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1. OpenAI CEO: ChatGPT may be conscious

OpenAI co-founder and CEO Ilya Sutskever said in a recent interview that his top priority is not to create "the next GPT or DALL-E," but to research how to prevent "super AI" from going rogue. He believes ChatGPT may be conscious, and the world needs to be aware of the true power of AI. He said that one day, humans will choose to merge with machines.

2. AMD sees AI chips generating $2 billion in revenue next year, stock up 9.7%

AMD's stock price closed 9.7% higher on Wednesday (November 1). AMD expects its new AI chips to generate $2 billion in revenue next year. AMD said in a post-market earnings call on Tuesday that the MI300 chip will begin shipping in the coming weeks.

3. Snowflake launches new service to help users unlock productivity of generative AI

Data cloud company Snowflake on Wednesday (November 1) announced a new fully managed service, Snowflake Cortex, at its Snowday 2023 event. The service allows users to access industry-leading large language models, AI models, and vector search capabilities, enabling them to securely leverage the productivity offered by generative AI. It also makes it easier for institutional users to discover, analyze, and build AI applications in the data cloud.

4. Meta faces EU ban on targeted advertising

European data regulators have agreed to extend a ban on "behavioral advertising" on Facebook (now Meta) and Instagram in non-EU member Norway to all 30 countries in the European Union and European Economic Area. Since August 7, Meta, the parent company of both companies, has been fined 1 million Norwegian krone ($90,000) a day in Norway for using data such as user location and browsing behavior to target ads (a common business model for large tech companies), which violates user privacy.

5. Qualcomm's Q4 profit halved, but contract renewal with Apple boosted outlook

Qualcomm reported that Q4 Net profit came in at $1.49 billion, or $1.32 per share, down 48% from $2.87 billion or $2.54 per share a year ago. 

Despite a sharp drop from a year earlier, Qualcomm gave a strong forecast for the current quarter. The decline in smartphone sales has finally started to ease, and a new contract with Apple could help boost its prospects.

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