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"Ten years later, 50% of the world’s work will be prompt engineering," said Baidu founder Robin Li in a speech delivered at the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum on May 26, which is entitled "Big Models Change the World".

According to Li, Artificial intelligence has become the focus of human innovation again, and the reason why it has become the focus is that big models have successfully changed human cognition of the entire world, allowing us to see the hope to achieving general artificial intelligence.

At the same time, big models will be deeply integrated into the real economy, empowering thousands of industries and helping China’s economy create another golden 30 years. In the future, all applications will be based on big models for development, and every industry should have its own big model.

As for how big models change artificial intelligence, Li pointed out that first, big models redefine human-computer interaction, and natural language human-computer interaction will bring about a prompt revolution. In the future, your salary level will depend on how well you write prompts, not on how well you write code. Ten years later, 50% of the world’s work will be prompt engineering. Asking questions is more important than solving problems. Second, big models will redefine marketing and customer service. Third, big models will foster AI-native applications.

While artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, its risks are also attracting attention. Li said that to prevent loss of control, countries with advanced AI technology need to work together to formulate rules from the perspective of a community of shared destiny for mankind. To participate in the formulation of rules, you have to get on the table first.

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