The "Beijing 2022" has been selected as the opening film of this year's Beijing International Film Festival, which is slated to open on April 22. The film is directed by Lu Chuan and supervised by Zhang Yimou.

On March 31, Lu Chuan again had an interview with National Business Daily, in which he talked about the traits that creators should have as well as the amazing ability of AI in film production.

Photo/Du Wei (NBD) 

Regarding the current films, Lu Chuan said bluntly that a lot of them are actually over-mature, and there are few things that really blow people's mind. For creators, he suggested that it is important to be real and to know what they really want to express, and whether the films could make money is something that investors should consider.  

Lu Chuan believes that the success of many people's first film is all luck, and it is critical to make the second film a success. "The most important thing is to dare to express yourself. The collision between the works of young directors and the audience is an interesting journey. Only after the success of the second piece of work can we have the right to speak and more space for expression. But don't compromise due to interests."

In the interview, Lu Chuan also expressed his deep impression on AI. 

Not long ago, he asked AI to help him make a film poster. After inputting the keywords including the texture of oil painting, style of Van Gogh, and elements of sports, AI spit out a poster that surprised Lu Chuan into silence. "Frankly speaking, the poster produced by AI in 15 seconds is much better than the one made by a professional poster company in a month."

In another attempt, he asked ChatGPT to help him consummate the growth of an American woman for his film script about a Chinese and an American family. After reading the suggestion offered by ChatGPT, he said half-jokingly, "I think that our company's planning department can be closed."

However, the strong ability also stunned him. "I really don't know what the next tech era will be."

But looking at it from another perspective, he said, "AI will bring more opportunities to creators in the film and television industry. In the past, some young directors had good ideas but poor skills, but with the development of AI, we have a super powerful assistant around us — it holds the database of the entire human society, human intelligence and talent." 

Editor: Lan Suying