China's first intelligent power plant utilizing solar and tidal power to generate electricity was connected to the power grid on Monday.

The full operation of the power plant in east China's Zhejiang Province marks the country's new achievements in the utilization of marine energy resources and the development and construction of its new-energy network.

Located in Wugen Township in the city of Wenling, the power plant has an installed capacity of 100 megawatts, according to China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy), a leading energy giant.

Its annual power generation output will exceed 100 million kWh, enough to meet the annual electricity demand of about 30,000 urban households. The electricity generating capacity of the power plant can save over 31,000 tonnes of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 85,000 tonnes annually, compared with conventional coal power plants.

The plant makes use of unmanned aerial vehicle inspection technologies and AI intelligent diagnosis systems. 


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Editor: Tan Yuhan