China has included four COVID-19 vaccines that have been granted conditional market approval domestically in a list of vaccine products available for export.

The four vaccines are manufactured by Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd., Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd., CanSino Biologics Inc. and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd., according to an announcement posted on the official website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Among the vaccines, two manufactured by Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. and Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd. have already been listed by the World Health Organization for emergency use.

They have been administered on a large scale in China and have been approved for use in around 100 countries, said Li Xingqian, an official with the ministry.

"To ensure the quality and safety of vaccine products and improve trade efficiency, we support listed Chinese vaccine manufacturers to export on their own, concentrate on increasing product supply, stabilize market expectations, and make vaccines available and affordable to all countries, especially the developing ones," Li said.

He added that China will continue to support Chinese vaccine manufacturers in strengthening cooperation with COVAX, an international initiative aimed at promoting equitable access to vaccines.

The ministry will work with relevant parties to assist foreign countries in purchasing vaccines from China, take concrete action to help make the vaccines a global public good, and promote the building of a global community of health for all, he said.


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Editor: Gao Han