China's sci-fi industry has maintained high-speed development, with its output value in 2019 reaching 65.87 billion yuan (about 9.84 billion U.S. dollars), up by 44.3 percent compared with 2018.

According to the China Science Fiction Conference held in Beijing, sci-fi games contributed the most to the industry with an annual output value of more than 43 billion yuan.

With the emergence of several influential sci-fi blockbusters such as "The Wandering Earth," the box office of the sci-fi film market reached over 19.51 billion yuan last year.

Thanks in part to the popularity of "The Wandering Earth," the output value of the sci-fi reading market was about 2.01 billion yuan, up by 13 percent year on year.

In 2019, the total category number of sci-fi related products in China exceeded 1,000, with the overall market value of about 1.35 billion yuan. 


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Editor: Lan Suying