Photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

June 10 (NBD) -- The 2019 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (the 2019 Fair) on Monday kicked off in southwest China's Chengdu and will last till June 12.

The Fair has already been held four times, with 2019 representing the fifth year. Different from previous events, the Fair this year, themed with "New Economy, New Ecosystem, New Scenario", pays special attention to new economy application scenarios.

"We deem scenarios very important in developing new economy, as they serve as important carriers of applying new technology and new model and also constitute a significant part in ecological elements of new economy," said Zhou Hong, deputy director at the Chengdu New Economy Development Commission, in an interview with National Business Daily (NBD).

According to the exhibition planner of the 2019 Fair, application scenarios are set up in the fintech display areas, aiming to present visitors with more visualized experience about the real changes brought by financial technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

This year, 1 lobby and 11 theme pavilions are set up, with the former showing why and how Chengdu is developing new economy and the latter displaying intelligent education, technological results exchange, fintech, 5G ecosystem, new exhibition types, smart life, future business, food culture, travel, healthy living, and cultural and creative entertainment.

It's noticed that those exhibitions highlight new opportunities in Chengdu. Zhou said to NBD that to build Chengdu into a city of opportunities entails efforts of both the government and the leading companies.

The 2019 Fair invited famous firms and platform enterprises to organize the major exhibition layout, in a bid to combine industrial ecosystem of enterprises with application scenarios of new economy.

In the view of Zhou, the core of new economy lies in innovation which faces great uncertainty. From where Chengdu is standing, to increase probability of success in innovation is to foster application scenarios for new economy, so as to provide application gateways and market opportunities for new technologies, new models and new businesses, Zhou remarked.


Editor: Gao Han