Coming on the heels of Dimash Kudaibergen, the first ambassador for "I'm in China" program and a 23-year singer from Kazakhstan who just rose to fame and won the hearts of Chinese audiences through a Chinese singing competition TV show, Hong Yun, the second ambassador for the program and a "Chinese Bridge" language competition bilingual host from Russia, came to Chengdu on February 23, to experience the city's ancient culture and modern civilization.

The program titled "I'm in China" with Sichuan as its first stop is guided by the External Promotion Bureau of the State Council Information Office, supported by Sichuan Provincial Commission for Tourism Development, and jointly launched by Intercontinental Communication Center and other organizations. Through TV, the internet and media platforms, the international project is aimed to let the outside world know more and better about China by inviting foreign stars, internet celebrities and volunteers to explore the country's history and culture, folk customs, natural scenery, and economic and social development.

On that day, Hong Yun first visited Sichuan University, where she graduated and for which she has deep affection. And then she toured around the University Students Pioneer Park and Israel Start-up Incubator in Chengdu, through which she had an all-round understanding of the city's mass innovation and entrepreneurship initiative and current development.

Later on, Hong Yun came to Jinli, a famous cultural block in downtown Chengdu, to experience the local food and the Three Kingdoms culture (220-280). When she saw her favorite snack "San Da Pao," she could not help learning from the store owner and an inheritor of the traditional food about how to make it, attracting lots of passers-by.

"Although I'm a Russian, I'm highly fond of Sichuan food like Mapo Tofu, Fish Flavored Shredded Pork and San Da Pao etc.. I can't forget these amazing tastes wherever I go," she said.

According to Hong Yun, Chinese people treat her as a Russian, and Russians regard her as a Chinese, but she likes the title "a Sichuan girl from Russia" given by some Sichuanese better. She can express herself well with Sichuan dialect. She always says "Sichuan is so wonderful. Chengdu is so amazing." To understand Chengdu better and further, she finally came to Chengdu Museum, which owns numerous cultural relics having a history dating back to more than 4000 years ago, and many exhibits showing the past of the city and the ancient Silk Road.

In Hong Yun's eyes, Chengdu is an open and inclusive city with fast economic and social development. Compared with the years when she was studying here, the city is "more modern, more culturally-diversified and more international." She hopes more and more foreign friends can come to China and Chengdu to experience the magnificent Three Kingdoms culture.



Editor: Li Jia