The Indian Fugue Painting Exhibition opened at Chengdu’s Usunhome Art Museum on Jan 7, bringing a visual delight to visitors.

Scheduled to remain open until Feb. 26 in Sichuan’s capital city, various painting styles such as oil painting and acrylic painting will be on display.

Jointly sponsored by the Sichuan Foreign Culture Exchange Center, the Sichuan Artists Association and Usunhome Art Museum, the exhibition is expected to promote artistic and cultural exchanges between Sichuan and India.

According to the exhibition sponsor, a trip to India was organized earlier for Chinese artists to develop a better understanding of the country and its culture. The paintings at the exhibitions were created by those artists after the trip.

“With the trip, the Chinese artists gained deep sense of Indian culture and the country’s natural scenery,” said an employee from the exhibition sponsor. “Their art works promote the cultures of both India and China,” the employee added.



Editor: Zeng Yunheng