CHENGDU, Dec. 7 (NBD) -- A patrol team consisting of 8 non-Chinese from five different countries strolled through their community and surrounding areas in October in Southwest China’s metropolis Chengdu.

They are all members of Tong Zilin neighborhood unit, founded at south Chengdu's bustling Tong Zilin neighborhood registered some 2,600 non-Chinese inhabitants. The unit is also the first-of-its-kind ever set up in Chengdu. 

Come from U.S., Pakistan, New Zealand and others, the 8 members are employees in transnational companies, teacher and student by profession.

The debut was their first volunteer work for the community as to offer help and convenience to new comers who are not fluent in Chinese, or even locals in need within this area, for instance, directing the way, hosting bilingual discussions that help people with language learning. 

For the locals, eight peopleof different nationalities wearing red armbands soon became a focus on the road. 

“Obviously passers-by stared at us and had no idea what we are doing here. Chinese are comparatively reserved in character and some felt strange about this,” grinned and said Chris, leader of the neighborhood unit. Chris is from Western Africa’s Ghana, and is now studying for his PhD at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. 

Fascinated by Chinese culture in areas of language, food, music, etc., Chris manages to communicate in ordinary Mandarin. “The newly established unit has operated once and future operations are under arrangement.”

He also mentioned that following policy issued early November that “foreign residents are entitled to borrow and return books without charge at any public library in Chengdu”, he has been the first real beneficiary herein.

Editor: Zeng Yunheng