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1. Google Announces Gemini, Its Largest and Most Powerful AI Model

On December 6, 2023, Google announced Gemini, its largest and most powerful AI model to date. Gemini is a multimodal model that can process information from different content formats, including video, audio, and text.

Gemini will be available in three different versions: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano. Each version has different information processing capabilities. The most powerful Gemini Ultra version is designed to run in data centers, while the weakest Gemini Nano version will run efficiently on mobile devices.

Although Gemini Nano is the weakest version, it is the most likely to be used in the near future. Google Pixel 8 Pro users will be able to use the Recorder app to summarize the content of recorded audio.

Google claims that Gemini Ultra is the first large model to outperform human experts on the MMLU task, achieving a score of 90.0%. This compares to a score of 89.8% for human experts and 86.4% for GPT-4.


Google's announcement of Gemini is a significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. It demonstrates Google's strong support for the research and deployment of large-scale deep-learning models. OpenAI is likely to face a challenge from Gemini.

2.OpenAI CEO Named Time's Person of the Year

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" on December 6, 2023. This is a major recognition for Altman, who has led OpenAI through a year of challenges and successes. In November 2023, OpenAI suddenly fired Altman, but he returned as CEO five days later.


This is a high-profile recognition for OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and for the non-profit AI research institute.

3. Apple iMessage May Be Exempt from EU Digital Markets Act Obligations

According to a report from Bloomberg, the European Commission is likely to exempt Apple from some of the obligations of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA is designed to regulate the behavior of digital platforms and prevent them from abusing their market power.

The report states that the Commission believes that iMessage is not widely used by businesses and therefore should not be subject to the same rules as other messaging apps. Apple has argued that iMessage should be exempt from the DMA because it is a consumer-focused product.


This is a positive development for Apple in the European market. The DMA could have had a significant impact on iMessage, as it would have required Apple to open up the app to third-party developers and make it interoperable with other messaging apps.

4. AMD Unveils New AI Accelerators

On December 6, AMD unveiled two new AI accelerators: the Instinct MI300X and the Instinct MI300A. These accelerators are designed for use in artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

The Instinct MI300X is the more powerful of the two accelerators. It is based on AMD's latest CDNA 3 architecture and can deliver up to 120 teraflops of performance. The Instinct MI300A is a smaller and more efficient accelerator that is designed for use in edge computing applications.


The launch of these new AI accelerators is a significant move by AMD. It shows that the company is committed to competing with Nvidia in the AI market.

5. Nvidia Shares Fall After AMD Announces New AI Accelerators

Nvidia shares fell by more than 2% on December 6 after AMD announced its new AI accelerators. This suggests that investors are concerned that AMD's new products could pose a threat to Nvidia's dominance in the AI market.


Nvidia needs to continue innovating and improving the performance and value of its products and services to maintain its leadership position in the AI market.

6. Apple May Update Multiple Mac and iPad Products in Early 2024

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to update multiple Mac and iPad products in early 2024. The updates are expected to include new M3 chips, OLED displays, and other improvements.

The iPad Air is expected to receive a new 12.9-inch display size and the Pro model is expected to be upgraded to the M3 chip and OLED display. The new MacBook Air is expected to retain the 13-inch and 15-inch sizes and receive the M3 chip as its main upgrade.


These updates are a sign that Apple is committed to continuing to innovate in its Mac and iPad product lines.

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