1. OpenAI to Buy AI Chips from Altman-Backed Startup

OpenAI is reportedly in talks to buy AI chips from Rain AI, a  firm founded by former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The deal, which is still in the early stages, could be worth up to $51 million.

2. Google Delays Launch of AI Model Gemini

Google has delayed the launch of its AI model Gemini to January 2024. The company had originally planned to release the model in December 2023, but it has reportedly encountered some challenges in making it work reliably with non-English queries.

3. IBM Debuts Next-Generation Quantum Processor & IBM Quantum System Two

At the IBM Quantum Summit, it unveiled a modular quantum system called IBM Quantum System Two. The new system ties together Big Blue's new Quantum Heron processors and a package of error-correcting software and tools. The combined technologies will provide the core components for large quantum computers for the next 10 years.

The Heron processor features 133 fixed-frequency qubits, which represents a 3-5x improvement in device performance over IBM's current 127-qubit Eagle processors.

4. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sells $2 Billion Worth of Company Stock

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold more than 580,000 shares of the company's stock in November, raising nearly $2 billion. 

5. Nvidia Insiders Sell Record $180 Million in Stock

Nvidia Corp. executives and directors last month sold or filed paperwork showing they intend to sell roughly 370,000 shares worth about $180 mln, according to Bloomberg. 

6. Roche to Buy Weight Loss Drug Developer Carmot for $3.1 Billion

Roche, a Swiss pharmaceutical giant, has agreed to acquire Carmot Therapeutics, a developer of weight loss drugs, for $3.1 billion. Carmot's most advanced drug candidate, CT-388, has similar effects with Mounjaro and Zepbound. 

7. Apple Reportedly Shifting Focus to 6G Development

Apple is reportedly shifting its focus to 6G development, even though its 5G modems have not yet been canceled. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that Apple's modem development efforts have been "a mess" due to its strained relationship with Qualcomm and the difficulty of developing modems. Gurman also says that Apple has posted 6G-related positions on its website.


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