As the domestic e-commerce platforms were actively competing during Double 11 shopping festival, Amazon Global Store is preparing for the upcoming shopping festival, Black Friday.

On November 10, Amazon Global Store announced that its first bonded warehouse officially landed in the China (Ningbo) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone. The bonded warehouse will fully support the cross-border logistics of the 2023 Black Friday Global Shopping Season, which will start on November 17.

Image/Courtesy of Amazon

Li Yanchuan, Vice President of Amazon China and Head of Amazon Global Store China, said that price, product, and logistics experience are the three things that consumers care about the most.

In terms of logistics, Amazon Global Store has been strengthening its logistics since last Black Friday. Last year, Amazon Global Store partnered with SF Express International and Shenzhen Customs to open a direct flight from Japan to Shenzhen logistics route.

The purpose of setting up a bonded warehouse is to pre-stock goods and shorten the time from the shipping place to China. It is learned that the bonded warehouse logistics will save an average of 10 days compared to overseas direct mail, and overseas goods can be delivered in two days at the earliest.

Big data predicts that health products and skin care products are what Chinese consumers often buy, so Amazon transports these products to Ningbo in advance.

Li Yanchuan also said that cross-border logistics, which were previously affected by the epidemic, has now been fully restored.

Logistics and fulfillment are also key areas of competition for domestic e-commerce platforms during Double 11. On November 11, Cainiao released data showing that during the first wave of Double 11 promotion (from 20:00 on October 31 to 24:00 on November 3), the same-day delivery rate of Cainiao warehouse fulfillment increased by 50% compared to the same period last year, and the delivery accuracy rate of large appliances exceeded 98%.

In addition to logistics, there are also new initiatives in price and product selection for this Black Friday. Li Yanchuan said at the event that the discounts customized by Amazon Global Store for Chinese consumers are higher than last year. In addition, due to the psychology of Chinese consumers who like to explore niche "treasure" brands, Amazon Global Store will provide more niche brand products for consumers to choose from during this Black Friday.

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