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1. General Motors to stop production of Cruise self-driving vans

General Motors' self-driving car subsidiary Cruise has announced that it will stop production of its self-driving van, the Origin. Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt said, "With so much in flux, we did make the decision to pause production of Origin with General Motors." Vogt added that the company has already produced hundreds of Origin cars, which is enough for the short term.

2. Scientists develop new tool to easily identify ChatGPT-written papers

According to a study published in the November 6 issue of the scientific journal Cell Reports Physical Science, scientists have developed a machine learning tool that can easily identify papers written by chatbot ChatGPT.

3. Intel CEO: 18A advanced node to go into production next year

According to report, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger gave an optimistic outlook on its emerging foundry business, Gelsinger said the company's most advanced chip design, the 18A, will move into the test production phase by the first quarter of 2024. "For 18A, we have many test wafers coming out at this moment," the CEO said. The development phase for 18A is now complete, and we're now racing to production." Gelsinger also said that its next-generation server and personal computer chips, Intel 3, are in the "debugging" phase and are also on track to enter production in 2024.

4. YouTube tests 2 new generative AI features

After Google's parent company Alphabet introduced new AI tools for the YouTube video platform in September, it is now testing two more generative AI features on YouTube to improve the YouTube viewing experience. The two features include AI-generated summaries of comment threads and a conversational AI tool. Google is experimenting with using AI to summarize large sections of comments from long videos into easy-to-understand topics for discussion.

5. Stellantis to launch world's first electric pickup with fuel generator

Global fourth-largest automaker Stellantis (Stellantis) has said it plans to launch a groundbreaking electric pickup truck in 2024, called the Ram 1500 Ramcharger, featuring a generator powered by a gasoline engine. The truck will work as a zero-emission electric vehicle until the battery is depleted, at which point a 27-gallon, 3.6-liter V6 engine-powered generator will start powering the vehicle.

6. Musk: Neuralink is developing visual chip

Elon Musk said on the X platform in response to a post by the father of a teenager with a rare eye disease, "Neuralink is developing a visual chip that we expect to be completed in a few years. This is our next area of research after helping people who have lost the connection between their body and brain to achieve mind-to-phone/computer telepathy. We are waiting for regulatory approval for our first human trial subject."

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