File photo/Li Xing (NBD)

On October 19, JAC Motors announced that it plans to sell some assets through public auction. The assets include inventory, fixed assets, construction projects, buildings, and land use rights of three passenger car plants, etc. The estimated auction price is 4.498 billion yuan.

On October 20, National Business Daily (NBD) learned from a source that the two factories involved in the asset transfer of JAC Motors are actually the two factories jointly operated by JAC and NIO, known as the NIO F1 and NIO F2 factories.

NBD contacted NIO for comment. "The company has learned about the relevant information from its partners and confirmed that this action will not affect the company's subsequent production and operations," a NIO representative said. "The company will communicate on the matter at an appropriate time, and will not comment on it before then."

However, a source who declined to be named told NBD that NIO is expected to acquire the assets of JAC Motors and further pursue independent production qualifications. "If NIO can obtain independent production qualifications, it will be a major boost for the company, which will be beneficial to the company's long-term operations and efficiency improvement," the source said.

Editor: Billy