This summer, at the 31th International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Games, young athletes from over a hundred countries and regions gathered in Chengdu, filled with passion and dreams, for a grand youth rendezvous.

This September, National Business Daily (NBD) collected the paintings of the children from Chengdu. They used their most innocent strokes to "draw" the most special letter to the International University Sports Federation.

Perhaps the children won't remember the faces of each athlete. But the Chengdu Universiade has become a precious moment in their childhood paintings. 

Little Dream by Wang Shihan (7 years old)

By Xiao Zhinuo

Railway Enters the Tennis Court by Li Qile (4 years old)

Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True by Zhao Chenxi (9 years old)

By Gu Xiuyuan

Chengdu Universiade Riding the Waves by Xie Zixuan (10 years old)

Flying Dreams by Yu Jiale (3rd Grade)

Little Sportsman by Gao Zijin (3rd Grade); Guidance Teacher: Chen Jiayan

Hibiscus Fantasy by Liu Zimo (11 years old)

Universiade, Taste of Chengdu by Xiang Xincheng (7 years old)

Chengdu Universiade by Mo Yunxi (3rd Grade); Guidance Teacher: Chen Danfeng

Chasing Dreams in the Universiade by Luo Zilan (3rd Grade); Guidance Teacher: Wu Yue

By Zhu Zimeng (6 years old)

Welcoming the Universiade by Mou Tongle (3rd Grade); Guidance Teacher: Shen Yu

Yaochi Fairy Charm by Li Menghan (11 years old)

I Want to Be You by Zhang Yuhan (6th Grade); Guidance Teacher: Shen Yu

Editor: Tang Yuan, Zhang Lingxiao