File photo/Zheng Derui (NBD)

According to the Dove Weibo account, the Moutai liquor-filled chocolates, jointly launched by Kweichow Moutai and Dove Chocolate, will be available for sale September 16.

From various sources, it is understood that the Moutai liquor-filled chocolates will be available in two flavors: classic and reduced sugar. They will be sold in different quantities, such as 2-piece, 6-piece, and 12-piece packs.

The lowest price will be 35 yuan per box for the 2-piece pack of the classic flavor, while the highest price will be 179 yuan per box for the 12-piece pack of the reduced sugar flavor.

According to media reports, Zhu Danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst, analyzed that the Moutai and Dove collaboration on liquor-filled chocolates will likely be seen by mainstream consumers as a gift for special occasions such as Valentine's Day. For relatively high-end consumers, the Moutai and Dove liquor-filled chocolates may also be positioned as a daily consumption item. However, overall, with consumers paying more attention to weight management and nutrition, chocolates are seen more as gifts rather than everyday consumables.

Zhu Danpeng further analyzed that the collaboration between Moutai and Dove is also a key focus of Moutai's internationalization strategy and an opportunity to engage with the younger generation. Dove has a solid foundation in terms of brand recognition, reputation, and trust worldwide. If this product is sold abroad, Moutai can leverage Dove's international appeal to promote Chinese liquor in the international market, although the sales volume may not be significant. As for Dove, they also aim to leverage the collaboration with a super IP for market promotion. With the support of Moutai's internationalization efforts, Dove can also benefit from this partnership.

Editor: Billy