Chinese liquor giant Kweichow Moutai and coffee chain Luckin Coffee jointly launched co-branded "Liquor latte" which is priced at 38 yuan on Sept. 4. 

This product is referred to as the "annual heavyweight" by Luckin Coffee. Discussions and memes about this product can be seen on various social media platforms, such as: "Note: Full cup of Moutai, not coffee, thank you!" "Drunk and sober again" ...

However, as the popularity of "Liquor Latte" rises, doubts and criticisms have also emerged. Some consumers reject its taste, while others question whether there is really Moutai liquor in its recipe.

On the evening of the 4, Luckin Coffee's Weibo account released a video, showcasing the complete production process of Liquor Latte from raw materials.

According to media report, the material supplier for the co-branded product revealed that during the production process of thick milk, Moutai liquor worth 30 million yuan was delivered to the factory and people were assigned to watch as each bottle was added to the raw materials, and then the bottles were taken away. He also stated that the entire process was very strict.

Editor: Billy