Photo/poster of the film

April 4 (NBD) -- French movie "Notre-Dame brûle" was premiered in Beijing on Thursday and was publicly screened in the country on Friday.   

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud invited Chinese directors such as Zhao Xiaoding and actors such as Feng Shaofeng, and other friends to the premier, reported The Paper.

Adapted from the "2019 hot global news", Notre-Dame brûle" showcases and reveals the tragedy of human civilization that occurred four years ago through multiple perspectives and realistic cinematography.

Jean-Jacques Annaud is turning 80 years old in October this year. At the premiere, he still had his iconic white hair. He expressed his blessings to Chinese fans and cheered for good relations between the two people.

For such a high-standard and high-quality disaster movie, the creative process was also full of difficulties. The director recalled that the highest temperature on set reached 1200, and actors could not stay in the scene for more than one minute. Especially for the presentation of the fire, the director chose to use as much real footage as possible to find a new balance between the real event and the author's expression. "Many details in the film were obtained from interviews with firefighters who participated in the rescue at that time," said the director. 

At the premiere, French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak praised the cooperation and achievements of cultural exchanges between China and France in recent years. During the exchange, she also mentioned that Notre-Dame de Paris will reopen in December 2024 and welcome friends from all over the world to visit France. 

Editor: Tan Yuhan