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March 16 (NBD) -- AI is threatening to revolutionize science fiction creation, with many magazines and associations already fought back.

Chinese science fiction magazine Science Fiction World announced that they will not accept manuscripts written by AI starting from April. “What we need are future stories written by the people, for the people”, said the magazine's chief editor, Razz in an interview with National Business Daily (NBD).

This decision follows a similar one made by the American science fiction magazine “Clark World”, which temporarily closed its submission channel due to the overwhelming number of AI manuscripts.

But, this is not the decision of all writers. NBD talked with more than 10 famous writers and found most of them are willing to try to use ChatGPT in their writing.

So, is AI threatening the survival of sci-fi writers? This anxiety is more pronounced in the field of online writing, where there is a huge capacity but varied quality.

ChatGPT has a greater understanding of humans than all previous intelligent machines, but how much do we know about it? 'Nothing', said Razz. Even the developers are in the dark.

With the arrival of the AI era, the amount of information will explode, but the amount of effective information, such as those represented by excellent works, may not increase accordingly. "We humans have very good information selection mechanisms," he said. " When we go to bed every day, we wash our brains' and ensure that what is left is the most valuable content for us."

Laiz said that if one day what was written by humans becomes intangible cultural heritage, it would be a pity.”

Editor: Tan Yuhan