The Guangzhou Futures Exchange in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou said Sunday that industrial silicon futures and composite commodity index futures are expected to be its first batch of listed products.

There have been no such products in China's futures market so far, said Zhu Lihong, general manager of the futures exchange, at the 18th International Finance Forum held in Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Futures Exchange, the fifth of its kind in China, was established in April.

Based on the two-year listing plan approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, the product layout of the futures exchange mainly involves four major sectors and 16 varieties, among which green development products such as carbon emission futures are given strategic priority, Zhu said.

Focusing on green and sustainable development, the Guangzhou Futures Exchange will promote the listing of industrial silicon, polysilicon, lithium, rare earth, platinum and palladium and other metal varieties related to new energy, Zhu added. 


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