NBD AI Bulletin -- Yunnan Energy New Material Co., Ltd (SZ 002812, close price: 300.73 yuan) announced on September 15 that the Company's board of directors on the day approved that the Company, family members of Li Xiaoming, the Company's actual controller, and the assigned third party to sign the equity transfer contract with Suzhou Victory Precision to set up a joint venture. And after the establishment, the joint venture will acquire 100% stake in RS Tech which is owned by the Company.

The 2021 semiannual report shows that Yunnan Energy New Material's main business is manufacturing, accounting for 98.44% of revenue.

Yunnan Energy New Material's chairman is Paul Xiaoming Lee, male, 63 years old, American national with overseas right of residency, master's degree. Yunnan Energy New Material's general manager is Li Xiaohua, male, 59 years old, Chinese national with overseas right of residency, master's degree.

(By Gao Han)

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