Chinese researchers have developed a portable detection system for suspected cases of COVID-19.

The system, developed by a research team from the School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Telectronics Engineering of Tianjin University and enterprises, can detect suspected cases rapidly and realize big data monitoring and early warnings.

The system is similar to the size of a computer mouse. It is internally integrated with a precise detection core module and has a detection accuracy equivalent to that of large laboratory instruments. It can quickly test a person's finger blood and detect whether they are a suspected case.

As long as the two clinical manifestations of "fever and/or respiratory symptoms" and "normal or reduced white blood cell count or reduced lymphocyte count in the early stage of onset" are met, the people can be considered as suspected cases, according to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia Infected by Novel Coronavirus (5th trial edition).

The results can be automatically uploaded to an epidemic monitoring and early warning cloud platform. The cloud platform can process the results and upload them to the cloud platforms of disease control and medical monitoring institutions of all levels of government to provide early warnings, situation analysis and decision support for the epidemic situation.

The portable detector unit of the system has obtained a medical device registration certificate of the National Medical Products Administration.

"This system can be applied to hospitals or communities, and can avoid cross-infection caused by centralized examination," said Du Kang, a researcher of the team and doctor of the School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Telectronics Engineering.

He said the early warning cloud platform meets the management needs of disease prevention and control and emergency management departments, such as data collection and statistics, dynamic supervision, guidance services and decision analysis.


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Editor: Gao Han