Photo/Lan Suying (NBD)

China is seeking further improvements to the environmental management of unconventional oil and gas mining by issuing relevant policies and technical standards, an official said Thursday.

"We value the world's experience and lessons on the environmental management of unconventional oil and gas exploitation," said the official with China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment, at the 2019 International Workshop on Environmental Management of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development held in Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province.

The ministry will speed up the evaluation, technical guidance, regulation and research of the environmental impacts of unconventional oil and gas mining, the official said.

China has effectively established a system managing the environmental influence of oil and gas exploitation and utilization, while more efforts are needed in dealing with potential risks caused by unconventional methods, the official added.

Experts from the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries shared their experience with Chinese participants representing environmental administrations, oil and gas companies, colleges and research institutes.

Exploitation of unconventional shale gas, tight gas, coalbed gas and gas hydrates has come under the global spotlight. China is the world's third nation to achieve large-scale commercial production of shale gas.



Editor: Lan Suying