July 20 (NBD)-- The world is a greener place than it was twenty years ago, according to a research by NASA earlier this year. China, in particular, contributed a quarter of the world’s human-caused greening, ranking first in the world. When we look closer on the map, and focus on West China, we can see clearly the green patches that are Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park.

As the largest city forest park in the world, Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park is a key part of Chengdu's "Advance the East" strategy. Now under this strategy, the city opened a new space for social and economic development on the other side of the mountain. The outlook of city changed from "one city between two mountains" to "a mountain connecting two wings", breaking the bottleneck of city expansion, opening up a new space for sustainable development in the future.


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Editor: Gao Han