Detroit welcomes Chinese investment while trying to reintroduce the city to China, mayor Mike Duggan said on Monday during the opening of Michigan China Week in Detroit.

Duggan said the city of Detroit suffered years of decline but is now making a very rapid comeback. Residents were moving in to Detroit, and it is now a good time to invest in the city.

The city wants to reintroduce itself to Chinese business leaders and let them know about the opportunities, the mayor said.

Kerry Hammer, CEO of Paslin, a Michigan company started in 1937, said business ties with China have been very beneficial to his company, which allow them to do things at lower costs and make their products more competitive.

According to the Michigan-China Innovation Center, Michigan is home to more than 300 Chinese companies that represent more than 4 billion U.S. dollars of investment and more than 6,000 jobs.

In recent years, the Michigan government had led several missions to China to promote Michigan exports and tourism and attract investments.



Editor: Lan Suying