Failure is commonplace in the start-up world. As every day we are constantly being bombarded with success stories and not the non-successful stories, Fuckup Nights tries something different.

On Saturday evening, FuckUp Nights, dubbed as a global festival for sharing and celebrating failure, was held at Raffles City located in the bustling business centre along South Renmin Road in the southwestern Chinese city.

More than 150 participants gathered at the event. They are entrepreneurs, college students, fresh graduates, among others. All are here for learning five speakers' less-than-glamourous stories ranging from "How I fucked up my work-life balance" to "How I fucked up my own company", from "How I fucked my Ivy League education" to "How I fucked up my bar and live shows as being a model".

Pengcu Wangjia, Founder of Bollywood Indian restaurant, shared his story of "How I got fucked up at a car crash messed up my social and business life". He retrospected his broken heart and desperation when he realized he could never be able to walk after the ravaging car crash, and also his resolution to confront with fate and set up Qinghai Yushu Spinal Cord Injury Association to help others.

"It's really tough to summarize your life in a simple glimpse", Wangjia posted these words on his WeChat's Friend's Circle after the event.

When asked what's his feeling about the event, he told NBD that it was really "down to earth", and "the other speakers all shared their embarrassing moments, it was a brave move".

Christine, a participant, said "the event is relatively attractive, also, it is still rare for people sharing their failure experiences. Very good idea!"

"I learned that we must face up to failure, rather than ignoring it", said Gao Zixiang, a graduate student from Southwest Jiaotong University.

This event is also Fuckup Nights Chengdu's inaugural event, co-organized by Startup Grind Chengdu, together with work+ and Chang Tingji.

Roy from Startup Grind Chengdu said Chengdu is the third city in China to host Fuckup Nights following Beijing and Shanghai, and the celebrating-failure-event is projected to be held monthly here.

Taking place for the first time in 2012 in Mexico City, Fuckup Nights has since grown into a monthly event where stories are shared over beers, and then a fast-growing global movement of learning from failure stories in over 200 cities worldwide.



Editor: Li Jia