The new Fabryczna railway station, the largest investment project in Lodzkie, Poland, has recently been completed.

"It was beyond my expectation", said Katarzyna Wilkowiecka, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chengdu, who previously thought that the project will take an additional five years to be finished. 

Located in the heart of Lodz, the rebuilt railway station will help make Lodzkie a multimodal transportation hub. 

The opening of the Chengdu-Europe Express Rail marks an important landmark of Lodzkie's revitalization, according to Wilkowiecka. 

The freight train route not only facilitates the bilateral trade between China and Poland, but brings enormous opportunities to Lodz and Lodzkie.

Data shows that China's exports to Poland experienced a 11.8 percent year-over-year growth last year, while made-in-Poland products like super-quality food also have a ready market in China.

In addition, the cargo train service cements Lodz's position as a logistics center in Europe, and enhances connection between the city and international markets. 

In February, 57 trains ran through the middle route of the Chengdu-Europe Express Rail line. Increased number of trains signifies the rising importance of Lodz and Poland.

Thanks to the opening of the cargo train route, more and more capital are flowing into Lodz, Wilkowiecka said. This can be evidenced by the efficient refurbishment of the Fabryczna railway station and construction of the city's first-ever ring road. 

Furthermore, the route reinforces ties between Chengdu and Poland. Wilkowiecka claimed that Chengdu and Lodz develop the best sister city relationship. This year, the two cities will hold a series of exchange activities in fields such as culture, music, and fashion, which are expected to increase Chengdu citizens' understanding of Lodz, she noted.  



Editor: Lan Suying