The rear boarding gates made by the company have occupied half of the world's market share and its production line is rated as one of the best among all of its overseas counterparts. The company has established an extensive partnership with Airbus in a few projects involving single- and double-aisle airliners, becoming an important global airplane body supplier for Airbus. In July 2014, both parties signed a contract on the supply of the front boarding gates. Earlier this year, the first finished product was accepted by Airbus.

The delivery of the products is a landmark in the two companies' expanding partnership, said Airbus's senior vice president Franck Martin, adding that "Chinese suppliers play a more important role among all Airbus providers."

The AVIC Chengdu Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. is also a major partner of other international aircraft manufacturers including Boeing. As a large aviation and aerospace industry base in China, Chengdu has already developed a complete industry chain involving R & D, manufacturing, test, air traffic control (ATC) automation, and systematization of air traffic flow control. The city has made remarkable achievements in the sector, including the R & D of F-7 fighter jet, Fighter China-1, J10 fighter jet, and drones. With strong capabilities of manufacturing and scientific research, Chengdu shows powerful comparative strength in the aviation industry.



Editor: Li Jia