SW China's Sichuan has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 12 state-run military industry groups and China Academy of Engineering Physics to build the civil-military integration industrial base, according to Yin Li, deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) and governor of SW China's Sichuan province.

President Xi delivered an important speech concerning innovation and creation when he joined a panel discussion with deputies to the 12th NPC from Sichuan Province on Wednesday. Xi said, China should seize the opportunities in the world's technological reform, and better target the topics including the direction, goals, strategies and weaknesses in social and economic development. A more incentive institutional environment should be built to accelerate the improvement of civil-military integration management, operation, policy system, so as to construct the hi-tech industrial base of civil and military integration and develop the industrial cluster. Governor Yin Li said, the speech by President Xi pointed out the direction for Sichuan's further innovation and reform.

Yin said, with civil-military integration as the core in innovation and reform, Sichuan set up a civil-military industrial development fund of 10 billion yuan (1.45 billion US dollars) to promote 150 key innovation projects of civil-military integration. Last year, the output of civil-military industry in Sichuan totaled 280 billion yuan (40.51 billion US dollars), up 8% year on year.

Yin added that Sichuan in 2017 will center around 115 tasks on 9 aspects, smoothening the paths connecting civil and military sectors, technology and economy, technology and finance.

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Editor: Gao Han