CHENGDU, Jan. 24 (NBD) -- The 8th cultural festival in commemoration of poet-sage Dufu, a realist poet of the Tang Dynasty, is to be held in the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu in Chengdu from Jan. 23 to Feb. 12.

Located at the side of the Huanhuaxi (Flower Bathing Brook), the Cottage has been rebuilt and converted into a museum.

The Renri (the day human beings were created) activities include Renri worship and writing and replying in poems in the Thatched Cottage. This year, Alai, the Mao Dun Literary Prize winner and chairman of Sichuan Writers Association is invited to preside over the Renri worship.

Besides, the newly-built gallery of the poet's poems and calligraphy work will make public appearance during the festival.

At the same time, the outdoor musical "Looking for Du Fu" will be on during the festival.

During the festival, 50% discount of ticket price is offered. Onsite purchasing, online booking and other convenient channels are available to buy the ticket.



Editor: Gao Han