CHENGDU, Jan. 24 (NBD) -- Naked-eye 3D light shows and traditional fancy lanterns lit up the Yoho Farm of Sansheng Village in southeastern Chengdu last Friday. 

Inspired by the nature, human culture, and history of countries along the Belt and Road, more than 130 medium/large-sized light clusters and ambient lighting are being put on show at the 49th Chengdu International Panda Lantern Carnival, which will run through February 19. Highlights include the "picturesque Chengdu" and panda lanterns.  

Laser shows will be presented every 40 minutes, creating an artistic, dynamic background. 

Involving an investment of more than 30 million yuan (4.39 million US dollars), the carnival is expected to provide a grand visual feast featuring a high-tech feel and great experience to the audience.


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Editor: Lan Suying