The fifth giant panda cub born in the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid was given the name Chulina on Thursday.

The panda cub was officially presented to the public and press in a ceremony organized by the Chinese embassy in Spain and the zoo. It is the first female cub born at the Zoo Aquarium.

The name Chulina was chosen by residents of the Spanish capital by vote, which means"treasure among the bamboo" in Chinese.

She was born in Madrid on Aug. 30 last year. Her symbolic baptism at the age of four and a half months, was part of a number of events organized here as part of the Chengdu Cultural Week, which is being held as part of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

Speaking at the event, Chinese Ambassador Lyu Fan said giant pandas are "the messengers of China's friendship to the rest of the world," adding that Chulina was the "fruit of the investigation and co-operation between China and Spain."

"Chulina will not only receive the affection of all the Spanish people, but also from her place of origin," he concluded.

Cristina Cifuentes, president of the community of Madrid, thanked the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding for their help with the breeding program in Madrid.

"Chulina is a symbol for threatened species all over the world and it is an honor for Madrid to have her here," she commented.

Chulina's name is a homage to Chulin, the first giant panda born in Madrid in 1982.

Chulin was the first giant panda born in Europe by artificial insemination and became a symbol of the Madrid zoo where he had been the main attraction during his life.

Meanwhile as part of the Chengdu Cultural Week, the Madrid zoo would host an exhibition of 20 sculptures of giant pandas from Chengdu, along with an exhibition of photographs showing the history of giant pandas in Madrid, and a series of conferences attended by people involved in panda breeding.



Editor: Zeng Yunheng