CHENGDU, Dec. 21 (NBD) -- The China-Europe CR Express train carrying for the first time the flowers and plants is leaving from Chengdu on Wednesday and will arrive in Tilburg, Netherlands after a 13-day travel.

The cargo under transportation covers 19,140 pieces of banyans worth 43,000 US dollars exported by a Chengdu (Wenjiang District) -based company to Netherlands-based C.F.F. BAKKER&ZN.B.V..

The first-of-its-kind and specially designed container for transportation of flowers and plants is integrated with technologies such as GPS long-distance monitoring and ventilatory cabinets of constant temperature. The temperature and oxygen concentration can be monitored and adjusted by remote service of computer and mobile devices.

The export marks the first time for transportation of flowers and plants from China to Europe by Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, and a breakthrough of overseas transportation for local flowers and plants along the Belt and Road. 

Located in the west side of the city, Chengdu's Wenjiang District is one of four national bases for industry of flowers and plants, with planting areas of 32,947.38 acres in total. Its annual output value of forestry, flowers and plants industry in 2016 is estimated to reach 6.4 billion yuan (about 927.54 million U.S. dollars), of which flowers and plants trade accounts for 1.88 billion yuan (about 272.46 million U.S. dollars). 

Flora sector has become a dominant industry for rural economy, a main source for personal income growth and a preferred field of rural entrepreneurship and employment in Wenjiang District.

Editor: Zeng Yunheng