CHENGDU, Dec. 5 (NBD) -- Virtual Realilty (VR), a public mania over the past two years, is now gradually cooling down. This is reflected by, on one hand, mogul's more prudent method in investing VR industry, on the other, plights such as bankruptcy, transformation and staff shrinking that some VR companies are trapped in. 

However, industry pressure does not blow out companies' passion for VR. Alibaba, China's leading e-commerce entity announced  for the first time its strategies of VR laboratory establishment.  Taobao, subsidiary of Alibaba, launched its "buy +" plan based on a VR scene. Tencent announced its Tencent VR SDK and developer support program. Xiaomi also built up its developing laboratory with VR as its initial research project, two kinds of products are in the market line. 

On occasion of International Summit on VR/AR/MR last week, Tang Mu, general manager of Xiaomi VR, said in an exclusive interview with NBD that it's still introduction stage for his company in the next three to five years but they expect some financial returns herein. He also expressed concerns about inferior VR products flooding the market currently. 

Editor: Zeng Yunheng