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In a recent shareholder meeting, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu emphasized the company's commitment to creating high-end brands with the latest technology in the new energy sector. "We cannot over-market. The core of creating a high-end brand lies in product power, which is rooted in technology and innovation," said Wang.

BYD is set to launch the new Denza Z9 GT in the second half of this year, featuring BYD's brand-new three-motor technology platform. "We will release many new technologies on this platform," Wang revealed.

Regarding the company's capital expenditure, Wang stated that BYD will maintain double-digit growth, focusing mainly on the localization of overseas markets.

Wang also mentioned that BYD's engineering team in the field of intelligent driving has approached 5,000 people, and the company plans to invest 100 billion yuan in intelligent driving technology research and development, focusing on generative AI and large models.

In response to Huawei's Executive Director Yu Chengdong's remarks on the auto industry's price war, BYD's General Manager of Brand and Public Relations, Li Yunfei, said, "We are strategic partners with Huawei, and we have a lot of cooperation. I respect Yu and Huawei very much. I personally feel that if there were fewer comparisons in the press conferences and forums, more people would like it."

BYD recently announced a sales volume of 331,817 new energy vehicles in May, a 26.80% increase year-on-year. Notably, BYD was included in the first batch of L3-level intelligent connected vehicle pilot lists, marking a significant step towards the mass production of vehicles.

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