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NO.1 Microsoft Targets 1.8 million AI chips by the end of the year

Internal documents reveal that Microsoft plans to double its number of GPUs in 2024, accumulating 1.8 million AI chips by the end of the year. Insiders state that from the current fiscal year to fiscal year 2027, Microsoft is expected to spend approximately $100 billion on GPUs and data centers.

Commentary: Microsoft’s move indicates its firm optimism about the prospects of AI development and its intention to make a comprehensive layout in the AI field.

NO.2 Boston Dynamics releases electric version of Atlas robot

Boston Dynamics announced the launch of an electric version of the humanoid robot Atlas, which will be more powerful and have a wider range of motion than previous hydraulic versions. In the demonstration video, the electric Atlas folds up from a lying position, then walks towards the camera and rotates its head, with its limbs, torso, and head all capable of 360-degree movement, exceeding the range of human motion.

Commentary: The electric Atlas marks a new breakthrough in humanoid robot technology and is expected to be applied in more fields.

NO.3 New method can double the life of lithium batteries

A research team from Humboldt University of Berlin and other institutions claims that supplying devices with pulsed current instead of constant current can double the lifespan of commercial lithium-ion batteries while maintaining a capacity retention rate above 80%.

Commentary: The new charging method is expected to be applied in the field of electric vehicles.

NO.4 OpenAI releases Assistants API update

OpenAI’s AI assistant construction tool, Assistants API, has been updated with numerous new features, such as a faster and more accurate file search tool, vector storage, and tool selection parameters, and it can now index up to 10,000 files.

Commentary: The Assistants API update will help developers build more intelligent and efficient AI assistants.

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