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1. Alphabet's X lab reportedly to slash workforce

According to a report from The Information, Alphabet's X lab, which is responsible for developing experimental technologies, is reportedly planning to slash workforce. The report cites sources who say that X lab is in talks with investors about raising additional funding, and that the layoffs are necessary to reduce costs. The layoffs are reportedly expected to focus on administrative roles.

Commentary: X lab is responsible for developing some of Alphabet's most cutting-edge technologies, including self-driving cars, flying cars, and brain-computer interfaces. The layoffs are a sign that Alphabet is facing financial pressure, and that it is prioritizing its more profitable businesses.

2. AI-generated Biden voice calls voters in New Hampshire

In the run-up to the New Hampshire Republican primary, voters in the state received calls from a voice that sounded like President Biden. The calls, which urged voters not to vote, were later revealed to be generated by AI. The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is investigating the calls.

Commentary: The ability of AI to generate realistic-sounding voices is a growing concern. It is important to develop safeguards to prevent AI from being used to spread misinformation or deceive people.

3. Oracle launches OCI Generative AI service

Oracle announced the launch of OCI Generative AI, a fully managed service that integrates Cohere and Meta Llama 2 large language models (LLMs). OCI Generative AI can be used to solve a variety of business problems, including content generation, translation, and fraud detection.

Commentary: The launch of OCI Generative AI is a significant development in the cloud computing space. It is a sign that Oracle is committed to providing customers with access to the latest AI technologies.

4. AMD begins shipping first MI300X accelerators

AMD has begun shipping its first MI300X accelerators, which are designed to compete with Nvidia's A100 accelerators. The MI300X accelerators offer 2.4x more memory capacity and 1.3x more compute performance than the A100 accelerators.

Commentary: The launch of the MI300X accelerators is a sign that AMD is serious about competing in the high-performance computing (HPC) market. It is also a challenge to Nvidia's dominance in the HPC market.

5. MIT study: only 23% of jobs can be effectively replaced by AI

A new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that only 23% of jobs could be effectively replaced by AI from a cost-benefit perspective. The study is designed to allay concerns that AI will lead to mass job displacement.

Commentary: The MIT study is significant because it provides a new perspective on the potential impact of AI on the workforce. It suggests that AI is not yet a threat to the majority of jobs, but that it could have a significant impact on some industries.

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