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1. AI Disrupts Materials Science, Researchers Discover 2 Million New Materials

Google DeepMind announced that its AI tool GNoME, which is used to explore materials, has discovered 2.2 million new crystal predictions, of which 380,000 are stable crystal structures that could be synthesized experimentally. These material predictions are equivalent to 800 years of knowledge value, and some of them could lead to technological revolutions, such as the next generation of batteries and superconductors. The research results have been published in Nature on November 29.

Commentary: This study demonstrates the potential of AI in the field of chemistry, helping scientists accelerate the discovery of more widely applicable new materials.

2. Tesla Cybertruck Begins Deliveries, with Starting Price of $60,990

After two years of delays and production setbacks, Tesla's first Cybertrucks have finally been delivered to customers. The Cybertruck has a starting price of $60,990. Tesla estimates that the price could be as low as $49,890 after tax credits and other incentives. The rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck has a battery range of 250 miles and will be available in 2025. The most expensive of the three models, the "Cyberbeast Beast Edition," has a range of 320 miles and will be available next year.

Commentary: The delivery of Tesla's Cybertruck represents fierce competition in the electric pickup truck market, which will drive innovation and development across the industry.

3. Microsoft CEO: It Is Impossible to Develop "Super AI" Technology in the Next 12 Months

Microsoft CEO Brad Smith said that it is impossible to create artificial intelligence (AI) that reaches the level of superintelligence in the next year, and it will take years or even decades. Smith also denied the claim that the dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was related to superintelligence.

Commentary: The views of the Microsoft CEO reflect the real challenges facing the development of AI, which is important for understanding the long-term impact and potential of AI technology.

4. AbbVie to Acquire ImmunoGen for $10.1 Billion

AbbVie will acquire ImmunoGen for $10.1 billion, strengthening its position in the cancer treatment market. AbbVie will pay $31.26 in cash for each ImmunoGen share. AbbVie said the deal is expected to close in the middle of 2024.

Commentary: AbbVie's acquisition will enhance its competitiveness in the cancer treatment market, which is a significant step in its strategic development.

5. Altman Returns to OpenAI, Proposing Three Current Priorities

Altman officially returned to OpenAI, announcing three plans in an open letter to employees: accelerate AGI research, continue to deploy products, and let new board members optimize the company's governance structure. On the hotly anticipated board seat issue, Microsoft will enter the board as an observer, but with no voting rights. Except for chief scientist Ilya, all core members of OpenAI have returned.

Commentary: Altman's return could accelerate OpenAI's research process, which has a positive impact on the development of the AI industry.

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