In June of this year, Bin Yan, a well-known international football reporter with extensive contacts in Spanish football, posted on Weibo: "Maybe it's too explosive, maybe it's not enough, maybe there's still potential. It is said that he is going to come back. What jersey to wear and which city to go to? Pending!" This also implies that Messi may visit China again in the near future.

In the afternoon of today (Oct 9), Bin Yan reposted the above Weibo and said: "Wearing a pink jersey, 30th French Paris to pick up something, 5th China!" This is also considered to be an indication that Messi will visit China with Inter Miami.


At the same time, the official Weibo account of "Super Cup Super Cup" also released two pictures of the background color of the Inter Miami jersey, one for "goat" (GOAT) and the other for "shell" (Beckham), with the caption: "Coming Soon" (coming soon). Immediately, some media said that this was the organizer's way of hinting that Messi would be visiting China again soon.


Bin Yan later responded to a fan's inquiry about the location on Weibo, saying: "Wait for @Super Cup Super Cup to confirm!"

These Weibo posts instantly ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese fans. Since Bin Yan posted a picture of the Chengdu Phoenix Mountain professional football stadium the day before yesterday, with the caption: "Prepare to go there in the late autumn!" However, fans are also speculating that Messi will visit China this time to Chengdu, and play against Chengdu Rongcheng at Phoenix Mountain.

A media outlet contacted a source close to the information today, and the other party responded: "See you in Chengdu!" In addition, a authoritative person also revealed to the reporter of the media outlet that there are indeed relevant parties in contact with the Chengdu Rongcheng Club, but whether Messi will come to Chengdu to play, still needs to wait for the final official announcement.

Chengdu Rongcheng's last round of the Chinese Super League this season will be held on November 4. If everything goes well, they will indeed have time to play against Messi and Inter Miami in early November, which is also in line with Bin Yan's "5th China" timetable.

Editor: Gao Han