The liquor industry has never lacked "battles", and the implementation of the new national standard for liquor has been a year, with liquor companies vying for the light-bottle liquor market.

Since the beginning of the year, the sales of low-priced white liquor have continued to rise. According to the "Mid-term Research Report on China's Baijiu Market 2023" released by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, products in the mid-to-low price range below 300 yuan have performed well in the market this year.

As the wind direction changes, new and old brands are rushing into the light-bottle liquor market, making the battle even more intense. The trend of high-end liquor in the liquor industry, coupled with the promotion of the new national standard for liquor, has also brought higher price ceilings and more stringent quality challenges to light-bottle liquor.

In terms of price range, in the past, the price of light-bottle liquor was generally concentrated in the price range of around ten yuan, but currently, the price of light-bottle liquor is rising, and the hundred-yuan price range continues to expand.

According to liquor industry analyst Cai Xuefei, the hundred-yuan price range is the basic price range for banquets and gifts in China. With the large-scale entry of famous liquor, this price range is becoming a new market for the mass consumption of famous liquor. This is an inevitable result of the Chinese liquor consumption becoming more famous and quality-oriented, and it also reflects consumers' new demand for high cost-effective liquor consumption.

Editor: Billy