On the evening of May 22nd, singer Stefanie Sun updated her social media account and talked about the recent controversy surrounding “Top AI Singer Stefanie Sun”. She laughed and said that her fans have already accepted that she is a “niche” singer, while AI has become the current top streamer.

It is no point competing with someone who releases a new album every few minutes. It’s only a matter of time that AI will surpass humans. You are not special, you are predictable, and unfortunately, you are also customizable. In this world, being myself is enough,” Stefanie Sun said.

It is reported that there are already thousands of videos related to “AI Stefanie Sun” on Bilibili. The cover of “Snow-like Hair” has reached 1.22 million views, “Rainy Day” has reached 1.16 million views, and the covers of “Peninsula Ironbox” and “Love Before the Year 2000” have also exceeded 600,000 views. Other cover songs also have considerable views.

NBD found that the core technology used by AI Stefanie Sun mainly comes from an open-source project called So-vits.

Currently, this project has been updated to version 4.0. Compared with previous projects such as VITS, soft-vc and VISinger2, So-vits has been greatly simplified. With only a few audio segments, a generative model can be used to synthesize audio with the target tone color and train an acoustic model that users want. This model can retain pitch and tone and can also sing in different languages.

AI players believe that training AI is only for entertainment rather than commercial use and does not harm the rights of singers. However, copyright holders believe that using unauthorized singer or work datasets to train AI is an infringement of performers’ rights.

Editor: Alexander