Photo/Xu Shuai (NBD)

Lithium carbonate, which experienced its darkest moment in the first quarter of this year, has now seen a significant rebound.

According to data from Shanghai Steel Union on May 18th, the average price of lithium has once again reached 300,000 yuan/ton. After falling to 180,000 yuan/ton in the first quarter, the price of lithium has finally risen.

NBD learned from some positive electrode material companies that the lithium price rebounded in the second quarter, but it is difficult to tell whether it is an oversold rebound or an uprising trend.

Despite the price rebound, positive electrode material companies are still cautious about stocking materials.

The recovery of the lithium salt market has also been reflected in real-time intraday trading charts of Lithium stocks such as Tianqi Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium.

Lithium companies and positive electrode material companies are more confident in the second quarter of this year than in the first quarter.

According to the institutional research content disclosed by Qinghai Salt Lake (SZ000792, stock price 20.22 yuan, market value 1098.53 billion yuan), the company’s sales of lithium carbonate products have rebounded in April and will strive to complete the annual sales plan.

Sichuan Yahua Industrial (SZ002497, stock price 19.06 yuan, market value 219.68 billion yuan) stated on the interactive platform on May 17 that as the market situation warms up, the sales volume of the company’s lithium salt products will gradually increase. At present, the feasibility study of the third phase of 100,000 tons production line has been completed and relevant construction procedures are underway. 

And Changyuan Lico (SH688779, stock price 11.82 yuan, market value 22.8 billion yuan), a positive electrode material manufacturer, also threw out a plan to expand production with an investment of tens of billions of yuan. 

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